Our campaigns

our mantra: never let the fear of failure stop you from trying

How it started

Tashfeen (based in Lahore, Pakistan) and Zareen (based in Toronto, Canada) were discussing their grandmother's secret totkay that got them through their bad-puberty-skin phase when the idea of starting their own skincare line struck them!

Zareen's daughter, Vaneeza, came up with the idea of putting a french spin on their grandmother's name, Sakina, and so Sakina became Caquina - the brand that you all have come to know today.

Our first logo - a dandelion symbolising their wish of starting their own business - and the entire packaging was designed by Tashfeen and her best friend crouched in front of their laptops all day.

recipe to success: sugar, spice and lots of hard work

Caquina beauty was born

After a whole year of rigorously testing countless samples and formulations, Caquina Beauty launched their very first two products: Power Nap, that later became a highly rated crowd-pleaser and Nur, the best selling Vitamin C Serum.

Pictured: Our launch campaign that was based on the belief that we are beautiful in all shapes, sizes and skin colours that we exist in.

Caquina Beauty set a precedent for all other local brands, and launched travel sized variations of Nur and Power Nap on the overwhelming requests of customers proving to be a brand that listened.

a global pandemic struck, but we held our ground strong

onwards and upwards

2020 was a difficult year for all, but we never lost our vision and revamped our entire look to create the modern, minimalist logo you now know and recognise.

We also carried out a beauty, health and wellness campaign called #21DaysWithCB where we invited skin, mental and physical health experts on our platform to educate our audience, host workout and yoga sessions as well as carried out fun makeup competitions and shared skincare hacks! The campaign was a phenomenal success and gained us a lot of support from our Instagram family.

We took great leaps to launch our much awaited third product: Phool Proof! Our 4-in-1 Hydrating Mist in a short time became a cult favourite and the most popular repeat purchase item.

building a brand with a conscience

small business, big dreams

Caquina Beauty carried out a #SayNoToColourism campaign to show our solidarity with the BLM movement as well as create dialogue within the Pakistani community on negating the use and formulation of whitening creams.

In July 2020, we reached 10,000 followers on Instagram that marked our first milestone in the social media world and were also featured in two of Pakistan's top magazines: HELLO! Pakistan and Mashion.